4 Recovery Smoothies Every Gymnast Should be Taking

Gymnastics is becoming an ever-growing sport due to how easy it is to take part in. You can practice gymnastics in classes or even through your own set up at home.  If you want to do the latter make sure you have the appropriate equipment, you can buy these mats for gymnastics at fit2bmom. It’s also important to have the right recovery after gymnastics, here is a list that we recommend.


1 – Green antioxidant smoothie


This is great to help with aches and pains after a long work out and gives you all the necessary greens that you need, all in a delicious smoothie. It included a lot of kale and nuts, finished off with some honey to make it sweet. This is also very calming on the stomach as has no acidic ingredients.


2- Berry protein smoothie


This will give you the much needed sugar that will boost you back into action after your hard work. Not only will it wake you up, but it’ll taste delicious as it is a combination of fresh summer berries. You can also use frozen berries when making it as that will be a nice cool down after working up a sweat.


3- Chocolate beetroot shake


This is a more indulgent shake as it includes chocolate. However, this does not make the milkshake unhealthy as there is only a small amount of chocolate, mixed with a lot of beetroot. Surprisingly, beetroot only encourages the chocolate taste while providing vital protein to return energy and calm adrenaline.  Meaning you can relax for the rest of the day.


4 – Protein smoothie


Protein is very important for your recovery after a work out and so this smoothie uses Greek yogurt in order to provide that. It also uses a mix of fresh fruit like mango which provides some much needed carbs. You can also use clementines which once again provides you with the necessary antioxidants which are really good for you and are a necessary part of your diet.

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