Can Green Smoothies Help Sports Stars Improve Performance

Can Green Smoothies Help Sports Stars Improve Performance

Green Smoothies are a great way of adding some nutrients to your diet. For sports stars it is very important to make the correct choices when it comes to what you eat as it can have a heavy impact on your performance. Green Smoothies contain many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C which has properties that promote the production of energy, ensuring your body gets the right vitamins and minerals is essential for anyone in the sporting industry.


With the nutritional value of green Smoothies being so high many sports stars will choose to either make or buy them in order to make healthy choices towards their diet. Taking care when it comes to what you eat is important regardless of what you do, but for a sports star who conducts a lot of exercise extra care must be taken in terms of what you put in your body.


Drinking green Smoothies at the start of your day allows you to quickly put something healthy in your body, starting your day this way provides essential nutrients that can go towards improving performance. It can be easy to get into a rut of not making healthy food and drink choices, we’ve all been there, when you don’t have the energy to do anything and the thought of exercising fills you with dread. You may find yourself partaking in activities that are not productive like staying inside or watching football online. But drinking a green smoothie at the start of the day can really make a change in how energetic and ready for the day you will feel.


Overall, sports stars can really improve their performance by taking measures to ensure they are giving their body what they need to go through intense sports. From footballers to basketball players if you were to play without the necessary fuel it is likely that you will see a decline in your overall performance quality.

Is the Yogic Diet Right For You

Is the Yogic Diet Right For You

If you are someone that practices yoga, you will know that it is important to look after your body with what you eat, as well as with how you exercise. This is why many athletes have added the yogic diet to their everyday routine, but is it the right diet for you?


The yogic diet has no set menu so you can really customize it to fit your budget, your taste and what is available to you.  The possibilities of what you can eat are really limited to what you can think of, if you want some inspiration I would recommend checking out these super fat burning foods where many food combinations are often discussed.


The yogic diet is extremely challenging though as it means you have to eat extremely clean. So you should say goodbye to high sugars and processed meals as they don’t make the cut. If you’re a fan of your indulgent food like pasta and other carb packed foods then you may also struggle with this diet as the yogic diet favors leafy greens and lean meats.


If you are a non meat eater you may also find difficulty with this diet as you won’t be getting as much protein as you would need, however this can be supplemented by vitamin tablets and other rich sources of protein.


The main focus of this diet is simply keeping what you eat light. The diet was made to cater to people who regularly practice yoga and benefit from feeling light. However, if you do more demanding sports on top of yoga, this diet may not be for you as it will not give you as much energy that you would need to carry out more physically  demanding tasks. This diet is also not just about your body, its about clearing your mind so you shouldn’t eat things that pollute your mind, like junk food.


4 Recovery Smoothies Every Gymnast Should be Taking

4 Recovery Smoothies Every Gymnast Should be Taking

Gymnastics is becoming an ever-growing sport due to how easy it is to take part in. You can practice gymnastics in classes or even through your own set up at home.  If you want to do the latter make sure you have the appropriate equipment, you can buy these mats for gymnastics at fit2bmom. It’s also important to have the right recovery after gymnastics, here is a list that we recommend.


1 – Green antioxidant smoothie


This is great to help with aches and pains after a long work out and gives you all the necessary greens that you need, all in a delicious smoothie. It included a lot of kale and nuts, finished off with some honey to make it sweet. This is also very calming on the stomach as has no acidic ingredients.


2- Berry protein smoothie


This will give you the much needed sugar that will boost you back into action after your hard work. Not only will it wake you up, but it’ll taste delicious as it is a combination of fresh summer berries. You can also use frozen berries when making it as that will be a nice cool down after working up a sweat.


3- Chocolate beetroot shake


This is a more indulgent shake as it includes chocolate. However, this does not make the milkshake unhealthy as there is only a small amount of chocolate, mixed with a lot of beetroot. Surprisingly, beetroot only encourages the chocolate taste while providing vital protein to return energy and calm adrenaline.  Meaning you can relax for the rest of the day.


4 – Protein smoothie


Protein is very important for your recovery after a work out and so this smoothie uses Greek yogurt in order to provide that. It also uses a mix of fresh fruit like mango which provides some much needed carbs. You can also use clementines which once again provides you with the necessary antioxidants which are really good for you and are a necessary part of your diet.

Vegetables vs Fruits: Which should I use

Vegetables vs Fruits: Which should I use

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to be healthy is over using fruits in their smoothies under the mistaken belief that fruits are healthy. The truth is that certain fruits are better than others, and fruit is healthy, but only in moderation. Generally fruits like oranges, apples and bananas are very high in sugar. Apples in particular have a lot of fructose, which is processed differently through the liver and is actually worse than glucose. Normally this isn’t a problem because we would eat the fruits in their whole state, ie, before juicing. The fibers of the fruit would then slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood and additionally we naturally would eat less. It’s easy to drink a juice made from 5 apples, but try eating 5 apples and you’ll agree it feels like a LOT more.

What about Berries

Berries are the one fruit you can juice more. They’re naturally lower in sugar and also high in anti-ageing antioxidants. I recommend adding plenty of berries to every smoothie you make, especially blueberries which are delicious and healthy.


More Vegetables

The key to making a healthy smoothie is to use more vegetables. You can safely juice a lot of vegetables without the same issues as you find with fruit, namely making an overly sugary drink. With that in mind the best smoothies for your health are those with more vegetables, some berries, and just a little regular fruit to sweeten. For example, 1 apple, 1 orange added into your veg/berry smoothie to sweeten is ideal.