How to Make a Great Cocktail at Home

Cocktails are a luxury that we don’t always want to splash out on when we are in bars and restaurants so being able to make them at home is always a great skill to have under your belt. A great cocktail will always come down to your personal preference, to start with I would decide what kind of cocktail you prefer and research all of the components that you need to make it. Once you have found what you need, look into finding the ingredients that you enjoy drinking, there’s no need to go crazy with how much you spend a great cocktail can be made without breaking the bank. Supermarkets these days are very well stocked with quality alcoholic choices and these can come in a range of delicious pre flavored options to add a boost to your cocktail.

Once you’ve sourced all of the ingredients it’s time to choose how you want to present the cocktail whether it be in a jug so the cocktail can be enjoyed as a group or in a classy singular glass for independent enjoyment. Make sure to make a note of the recipe so that you can replicate any cocktails that you make and I would specifically make sure that you make a note of the ratios of alcohol to mixer . When making a cocktail the finishing touches can be key to adding a sense of luxury to your beverage and that can really make a difference whether you add some fruit to add some flavour and texture, go all out and add some decorative gold leaf for a classy touch or even keep it classic and cheesey with a tiny umbrella the simpler things can be the best when it comes to decorating a cocktail.

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