Is the Yogic Diet Right For You

If you are someone that practices yoga, you will know that it is important to look after your body with what you eat, as well as with how you exercise. This is why many athletes have added the yogic diet to their everyday routine, but is it the right diet for you?


The yogic diet has no set menu so you can really customize it to fit your budget, your taste and what is available to you.  The possibilities of what you can eat are really limited to what you can think of, if you want some inspiration I would recommend checking out these super fat burning foods where many food combinations are often discussed.


The yogic diet is extremely challenging though as it means you have to eat extremely clean. So you should say goodbye to high sugars and processed meals as they don’t make the cut. If you’re a fan of your indulgent food like pasta and other carb packed foods then you may also struggle with this diet as the yogic diet favors leafy greens and lean meats.


If you are a non meat eater you may also find difficulty with this diet as you won’t be getting as much protein as you would need, however this can be supplemented by vitamin tablets and other rich sources of protein.


The main focus of this diet is simply keeping what you eat light. The diet was made to cater to people who regularly practice yoga and benefit from feeling light. However, if you do more demanding sports on top of yoga, this diet may not be for you as it will not give you as much energy that you would need to carry out more physically¬† demanding tasks. This diet is also not just about your body, its about clearing your mind so you shouldn’t eat things that pollute your mind, like junk food.


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