How to Make a Cocktail That’ll Impress Your Guests

How to Make a Cocktail That’ll Impress Your Guests

Everybody loves a good cocktail. When you have friends over for a party or small get together, putting together a quick cocktail can really impress your guests. But sometimes throwing together a simple sex on the beach or mojito can get a little boring, here are a few ways to shake yo your cocktail making and really impress your guests.


A sure way to impress your friends without buying any additional ingredients would be to make the cocktail in front of them. You can really put some showmanship  into it, throw the bottles around a little, pour it at an angle. It’s really easy to impress your friends if the atmosphere is right. Music is key to this, if your gifts are lively then they’re more likely to get involved in the excitement.


Making an interesting cocktail will also really impress your friends, perhaps something they haven’t heard of. You can easily find a recipe online that will fulfill these needs. A good example would be a Hemingway Daiquiri. This is a very simple cocktail, which just uses classic rum, lime juice, sugar and grapefruit. This is not only a delicious cocktail, but it also opens up a stream of conversation as it is said to be one of Hemingway’s favourite drinks, you’ll be drinking the favourite drinks of one of the most famous people to ever live.


You can really play around with colour to impress your guests. The more colourful the better. You can do this in a number of ways. You can use a fruity mixer to add this or even just some artificial colourant that you can pick up at pretty much any shop. A good way to make a naturally colourful cocktail is to use real fruit. If you have a blender to hand you can throw a variety of berries and other fruits together to make some really vibrant colours. If you really want to make it impressive you could always use frozen fruit, this would make the cocktails have more of a slushie feel and would stand out more to your guests.  Something that could really add something interesting to your cocktail is edible glitter. Unicorn themed alcohol is really big right now so adding a bit of extra sparkle to your drinks will be a pleasant surprise for your guests.


Garnish can also make a cocktail look more impressive than it really is. You can spend a couple of minutes cutting up some fresh fruit and really decorate your drink. You could also make some non edible decorative pieces to put into your cocktail, for example little straws with your guests names on them. These little touches will really stand out to your guests and will definitely be something that everyone will talk about.


An important part of making cocktails is making sure the alcohol content is there. It can be easy to lose a lot of the alcohol when adding all of the additional mixers, but it’s important to remember the purpose of cocktails – to get drunk. Make sure your drinks still have a kick. Cocktails can also be a fun alternative to gross beers and lagers when playing drinking games. You can play never have I ever, ring of fire and all of your favourite games and still get very drunk while drinking some tasty drinks.  Drinking cocktails also makes your parties seem a little classier, so you can enjoy all of the fun you had as a teenager while also feeling slightly more adult.


You can also get your guests involved in the making of their cocktails to really impress them. Who says that you have to follow a set recipe? Set up a display of differing ingredients and alcohol and let them pick what seems appealing to them. This is a more interactive way of engaging your guests and can lead to some funny or disastrous outcomes. This would be some really good party fun because you could either create a new fantastic cocktail, or something disgusting that people will be talking about for ages.


A good variety of cocktails will also stand out to your friend, not everybody likes the same thing and for you to cater to all of your guests needs shows that you have put a lot of thought into being hospitable to your guests.