Must Have Tips For Catering Your Next Party

Must Have Tips For Catering Your Next Party

Hosting a party can be a hectic process with so much to do to ensure the night runs smoothly and that your guests are entertained and enjoying themselves. Catering is a huge part of having a good party as you want to avoid the nightmare scenario of leaving your guests miserable and hungry, depending on the type of party you are hosting you will at least want to make sure your guests have access to a selection of nibbles or canapes to soak up some of the alcohol and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If you are not the most experienced with catering for parties you may want to bring in some professional help or to make your life a lot easier by buying pre-packaged food and holding a buffet style meal. Buffets are great for parties as you are giving your guests the freedom to eat when they want while ensuring everyone is going to have a good time socially. It is not always appropriate to have a formal sit-down meal at a party when everyone is enjoying your music or entertainment. This is of course down to personal preference and you should do what you feel is right for your party and your guests.


As mentioned previously buffest are a great way to cater your party without having to organize and prepare a regular meal for your guests, meaning that you have more time to be spent on making sure other elements of the party are covered. You can balance your buffet with a few simple homemade foods and by buying some extras from the supermarket to save you even more time. Depending on the type of party you are hosting you should choose a wide range of food groups and ensure that any dietary requirements your guests may have are also factored into your menu. Buffets are better suited to more social events with entertainment that you would rather your guests focus on. If you have a proper meal your guest may also not be able to interact with each other properly as these meals are usually served on separate tables.

Arrival Canapes

Another element of catering you should consider if you really want your party to impress your guests and have a touch of class would have to be arrival canapes to be served with the first drinks of the night. This shows that you have made all of the considerations of how your guests are feeling at your party and that your primary focus is on keeping them as happy as possible. Canapes can be very simple but if you would like an easier option you could serve some simple nibbles and snacks like crisps and nuts to keep your guests happy until the main food is ready to eat.

Entertainment and Catering

Another tip that you must consider before going ahead with your party would be to ensure that any entertainment is not disrupted because of the food. Depending on the entertainment that you will be having at your party you should schedule any food to be served before or after the entertainment to avoid interruption. Play the never have I ever game or easy to set up activities like cards or beer pong if you are holding a more relaxed party, as these games can be done at any time without affecting the serving of any of your food

Professional Help

For large-scale events you may be worried about catering to such a big guest list, this is when it may be suitable for a professional to help you out with catering for your party. If you are looking for a high quality caterer to keep on top of all of your catering needs then I would highly recommend looking on social media for any businesses that may be suitable. To get an idea of the food they are able to create many businesses post pictures of their dishes on their social media to show off their skills to potential customers. This is a great resource for you to get an idea of the food they can create and to judge whether or not it would be good for your party.

Fried Vs Grilled: Which Tastes Better?

Fried Vs Grilled: Which Tastes Better?

One of the strangest adult conversations that we often find ourselves having quite often is which is the healthier option between frying and grilling. Though science continues to tell us that grilling is in fact the healthier option, something that it can’t tell us is which tastes better between the two. This is because the taste is completely subjective and so it can be difficult to tell someone which cooking method will result in the best tasting food- the matter really depends on which qualities you prefer your meals to have.


The Argument

If you are someone that enjoys fast meals you may prefer the use of the frying technique. Frying works at faster temperatures and so is a good option if you want flavorsome food without the waiting. People often use a frying pan to fry their food, but recently skillets have been increasing in popularity. You may ask yourself, ‘how do skillets compare with frying pans’, Well truthfully they are quite similar products. The only differences are that skillets are cast iron and flat bottomed, which makes them perfect for searing meats and also slow-cooking dishes like soups or homemade sauces. Skillets require you to use less oil too, which is good if you are someone who doesn’t like to use much.


Grilling is favored by people who want cleaner meat that is packed with taste. Grilling is a slower cooking process than frying and so really holds in the flavors of the food that you cook. You also don’t need to use any oil when grilling, which means your food will not be taken over by the taste of grease that can sometimes come with fried food.


Grilling also helps hold the structure and thus the quality of the food, which a lot of people favor more than frying.

6 Great Post-Workout Meals You Have to Try

6 Great Post-Workout Meals You Have to Try

Post-workout meals are essential to obtaining a maximum gain from your exercise. They should be pre-made and with you after your workout; whether that be at home or the gym. Having your post-work meal immediately after your exercise means your body begins consuming the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals as soon as possible. Your muscles used during your workout become damaged and torn – but this is how we make them stronger, and why we work out the way we do. Your body uses the food you’re ingesting at that moment to begin the repairs on muscles, or if you’ve not eaten recently, your body uses your natural fat stores (which is how people lose weight). This is why many famous amateur and professional athletes have high protein foods and drinks after their workout sessions; for maximum gain and potential. When constructing your post-workout meals, the three main food types to focus on are carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. So now you know why post-workout meals are so important, here are some for you to try.


Kid-friendly meals

Exercising as a parent can be a hard thing to juggle on top of everything else, so why not incorporate your child into your exercise routine? Finding activities that are fun for them to do alongside you can make exercising family-friendly and easier to complete. It also helps get your child up for a healthy routine in the future. You can also incorporate your children into the post-workout meals, and this is a recipe to try. Oatmeal pancakes, avocado, and scrambled-spinach eggs. As soon as you mention pancakes, your kids will be raring to join in with you! The pancakes give you the carbs you need, the avocado provides you with the fat, and the eggs and spinach with protein. It’s a perfect post-workout meal.

To get your kids more involved with you and your exercise search for the besten sportlichen geschenke für mädchen and boys.


On-The-Run Sandwich

If you’re the kind of person who works-out during their lunch break, then this post-workout meal is for you. A simple tuna salad sandwich on whole-grain bread covers all of the bases needed for a post-workout meal. The tuna provides the protein, the bread is the carbohydrates and both the bread and fish contain amounts of fat needed for your balanced meal. Perfect for on the go lunch!


Natural Breakfast

If you’re a morning exerciser, this meal is perfect! Although it may take a while to get used to because of the heavy nature of cheese, a bowl of fruit, nuts, and cottage cheese covers all your macronutrient bases. The cheese, fruit, and nuts contain protein, while the cheese acts as the main fat source, and nuts provide the carbohydrates you need.


No Sunday Snoozer

If your idea of a relaxing day at home is getting in your fitness time, that’s great! And while you may not be able to eat all the trimmings of a Sunday roast, you can join in with the roast chicken and grilled-seasoned vegetables. This meal covers all the bases and makes sure you don’t miss out on a family Sunday dinner.


The Perfect Lunch

What better way to end a workout session than with halloumi and houmous stuffed pita bread. It’s absolutely perfect! This meal doesn’t even feel like a post-workout lunch. It’s not only super tasty, it’s pretty damn healthy too. What’s not to love?!


The After-Worker

After spending all day at work and finding the motivation to exercise is a feat in itself, but then finding the energy to cook, too? No no! But wait! I have the answer for you. Sweet potato and chickpea curry is the easiest thing to make! Microwave your potato, chop it up, chuck it in with your strained chickpeas, add tomatoes and the spices you desire, some curry powder, and voila! Your post-workout meal is done!


These six post-workout meals should set you right on your path to fitness. Good luck!

Are Organic Ingredients Really Better For You?

Are Organic Ingredients Really Better For You?

If you were asked to define the last ten years of health crazes, what word might immediately stick out to you? Some would say vegetarian. Others would claim the Vegan movement was the breakout craze. But for me, the word Organic sticks out.

You know what I mean. The organic food craze seemingly sprouted up out of nowhere and suddenly became a lively, heated debate. Lobbyists called for everything to be organic. Health experts started making wild claims about the magical qualities of organic food and avowed it would solve everything.

But just how good are organic ingredients really? And what does it actually mean? Everyone knows it sounds healthy, but why?


What Is Organic

Organic food is actually a reference to the methods used to grow it. It has nothing to do with the actual genetic makeup of the food itself. So there is very little difference between say, a normal apple and an organic one.

For something to be organic, it must be grown completely naturally. This means no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. No use of radiation to boost growth or artificial chemicals used to alter the size or taste. Essentially, organic is harkening back to the world of traditional agriculture.

So is all of this actually good? When it comes to pesticides, exterminating services in nj recently conducted a study that found most modern pesticides actually leave no residual traces on the products they are used on. Whereas synthetic fertilizers have been shown to leave a slight trace on the plants.

Organic farming isn’t just about the plants though. A lot of the Organic movement is related to the environment at large, particularly in reducing pollution. Organic farms produce on little-to-no pollution. I know this sounds like an outlandish claim, but for any farm to receive Organic status on their products, they have to pass an officially licensed inspection and receive approval to claim themselves as Organic.


Healthy or Not?

So what about the health impact of organic food? As a rule, organic food is as fresh and natural as it can get. So for most products, they will be good for you. But the issue isn’t if organic food is good for you, its if it is really that much better than its non-organic counterpart. Let’s break it down bit by bit.

Firstly, Nutrients. This is the biggest draw of eating healthy food. Some studies have claimed that the nutrient content of organic food is slightly higher than non-organic. If you are a real stickler for maximum nutrient gain, then organic food is definitely going to be for you. But the argument could be made the difference between the foods is negligible.

Secondly, toxic residues. As mentioned before, non-organic crops often use artificial fertilizers to boost growth rate and provide a higher yield. This sometimes means non-organic foodstuffs have trace elements of the fertilizer left on them when they hit the shelves. Generally speaking, these toxins aren’t harmful to the average person. The argument is often made that the constant consumption of this residue is negating the effect of healthy food, but this is highly contested.

There are those who might have severe allergies and, as such, can’t ingest any amount of these toxins. So if that is the case for you, then definitely stick to organic food.

Overall, organic food is going to be better for you, and much fresher. But the difference isn’t enough for non-organic food to be ruled out. For one thing, organic food is far more expensive. So, as long as you are engaging in healthy eating habits, it’s all good.