The Tourist Destinations Offering The Best Food at Low Prices

The Tourist Destinations Offering The Best Food at Low Prices

When it comes to finding a tourist destination that suits the needs of everyone who is going on the trip you may find it difficult to keep everybody happy, one thing that I am sure all will agree on is that affordable food prices and quality meals should be a high priority when searching for your next big family holiday. There are many tourist attractions with their own hidden gems in terms of bargain food deals, while it is common to sacrifice quality for the price you may be surprised at some of the fresh traditional dishes that you can find for a reasonable price.

Although you should try to live in the moment and treat yourself to a more upmarket meal at one point on your holiday, allowing you to make memories with your loved ones and spend time together. This article will go over some of the best tourist attractions that you can visit if you are looking for cheap food that will give you a taste of the location and its culture. Sometimes you will get the opportunity to try something that is completely new to you and all I would say is that you should embrace the new things and the opportunities you get while you are away as you never know when the opportunity will arise again.

  • Benidorm

If you are looking for a holiday destination where you can get some sun and let off some steam then Benidorm is the place for you, with cheap bars and restaurants on every street corner you can save your money and put it towards other activities to make the vacation even better. Benidorm has something for everyone and if you are someone who is looking for a quieter holiday then you will be glad to know that the neighboring Old Town features many rustic and traditional restaurants offering a range of foods like fresh fish and meats as well as a range of other uniquely Spanish dishes.

  • Vietnam

For those of you that are looking for a historical experience while you are away then Vietnam could be the place for you, with a varied history and stories that will shock you, everybody should get the opportunity to go at one point in their life. In terms of the food that you can find in Vietnam, you will be able to sample a huge range of cuisines including some foods that are a lot more out there. Things like creepy crawlies and other creatures are available to try in this part of the world so if you are brave enough to get a taste of this food, you are very likely to enjoy your experience.

  • Bali

Bali is a very popular holiday destination with many options for you and your family in terms of entertainment and attractions to keep you entertained whilst you are away. The culture-rich markets and native attractions are some of the most popular with many people also enjoying getting in touch with nature and spending some time amongst the wildlife and on the gorgeous beaches. Depending on your preference it is likely that you will find something to enjoy food-wise, as there is such a huge variation in what can be found with affordable prices also.


  • Philippines

Another great option for holiday locations that offer affordable food would have to be the Philippines, the cost of living is significantly lower in this part of the world so you can go out for a nice meal without having to pay a large fee for the pleasure. The markets, in particular, offer a very cheap range of worldwide cuisines and many products that you are likely not to have seen before. There is a big street food culture in this area so if you are going in the respect of a tourist you can grab a tasty meal with no issues.

  • Pakistan

Another part of the world that offers cheap food would have to be Pakistan and other Indian regions, this is another place that has a large prominence of street food. Offering tasty dishes that have been freshly made with local ingredients at very affordable prices. This is perfect for large groups as you can get a range of dishes to try something new and have a sharing meal where you can get a taste of a variety of things without having to pay for multiple meals for everyone at once.

  • Thailand

The final location that has many options for affordable meals would have to be Thailand, with huge imports from around the world coming into Thailand every day. You can find pretty much every kind of food on sale in restaurants and in the world-famous markets. For those of you that are on a budget, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of the reduced prices that are available. This will allow you to prioritize your spending money and have more funds available to visit tourist and cultural attractions that you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

Must Have Tips For Catering Your Next Party

Must Have Tips For Catering Your Next Party

Hosting a party can be a hectic process with so much to do to ensure the night runs smoothly and that your guests are entertained and enjoying themselves. Catering is a huge part of having a good party as you want to avoid the nightmare scenario of leaving your guests miserable and hungry, depending on the type of party you are hosting you will at least want to make sure your guests have access to a selection of nibbles or canapes to soak up some of the alcohol and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

If you are not the most experienced with catering for parties you may want to bring in some professional help or to make your life a lot easier by buying pre-packaged food and holding a buffet style meal. Buffets are great for parties as you are giving your guests the freedom to eat when they want while ensuring everyone is going to have a good time socially. It is not always appropriate to have a formal sit-down meal at a party when everyone is enjoying your music or entertainment. This is of course down to personal preference and you should do what you feel is right for your party and your guests.


As mentioned previously buffest are a great way to cater your party without having to organize and prepare a regular meal for your guests, meaning that you have more time to be spent on making sure other elements of the party are covered. You can balance your buffet with a few simple homemade foods and by buying some extras from the supermarket to save you even more time. Depending on the type of party you are hosting you should choose a wide range of food groups and ensure that any dietary requirements your guests may have are also factored into your menu. Buffets are better suited to more social events with entertainment that you would rather your guests focus on. If you have a proper meal your guest may also not be able to interact with each other properly as these meals are usually served on separate tables.

Arrival Canapes

Another element of catering you should consider if you really want your party to impress your guests and have a touch of class would have to be arrival canapes to be served with the first drinks of the night. This shows that you have made all of the considerations of how your guests are feeling at your party and that your primary focus is on keeping them as happy as possible. Canapes can be very simple but if you would like an easier option you could serve some simple nibbles and snacks like crisps and nuts to keep your guests happy until the main food is ready to eat.

Entertainment and Catering

Another tip that you must consider before going ahead with your party would be to ensure that any entertainment is not disrupted because of the food. Depending on the entertainment that you will be having at your party you should schedule any food to be served before or after the entertainment to avoid interruption. Play the never have I ever game or easy to set up activities like cards or beer pong if you are holding a more relaxed party, as these games can be done at any time without affecting the serving of any of your food

Professional Help

For large-scale events you may be worried about catering to such a big guest list, this is when it may be suitable for a professional to help you out with catering for your party. If you are looking for a high quality caterer to keep on top of all of your catering needs then I would highly recommend looking on social media for any businesses that may be suitable. To get an idea of the food they are able to create many businesses post pictures of their dishes on their social media to show off their skills to potential customers. This is a great resource for you to get an idea of the food they can create and to judge whether or not it would be good for your party.

Why you Should Switch to Organic Ingredients This Year

Why you Should Switch to Organic Ingredients This Year

There is a lot of speculation around the importance of choosing organic produce within your food choices over the more mainstream but mass-produced and chemically influenced products that are available. Organic is defined as something being completely natural and without artificial colors, preservatives, or flavorings, this is why organic produce is considered to be healthier by many as it has not been altered using unhealthy additives that can seriously hinder the nutritional value of natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. I would highly recommend that you begin switching from your normal foods to organic as they are much better for you and you can be sure that the meals you are preparing for you and your loved ones are going to help maintain your health.  


Benefits of Eating Organic

The biggest benefit of eating organic produce would be that you have peace of mind that the food you are eating has not come into contact with artificial flavorings and colorings that could potentially be harmful when eaten regularly. A big issue with mainstream convenience foods is that they are packed with preservatives and chemicals designed to enhance the flavor experience as well as ensuring that the food will last a long time, and although when you live a busy life and eating quick pre-packed meals is sometimes easier you should definitely make a habit of implementing fresh organic produce into your everyday food choices in order to achieve a healthy and balanced diet.  

When you are busy with work or your everyday life it can be hard to find the time to make a healthy and balanced meal that has the sustenance to fuel your hectic schedule, however a great way around this would be to prepare organic meals in advance, seal the food in an airtight bag, and you can take this wherever you need to go to be eaten at your convenience. 

Although it is up for discussion how true this is, it is a common argument that organic produce tastes a lot better than the other options and that the quality of the product is not comparable to anything else on the market. You shouldn’t feel bad about not being able to get organic everything but you will definitely notice a difference in the quality when you compare it to something that has been filled with chemicals that can harm the food’s integrity.   

How To Diet As an Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Diet As an Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide

When it comes to having a balanced diet there are many changes you can make in order to lead a healthier lifestyle, if you are starting your journey as an athlete it is vital that you have a balanced and healthy meal plan in order to ensure your body is getting everything it needs to keep up with the rigorous exercise schedule. As the amount of exercise you do on a  daily basis is going to drastically increase, you will find that your normal eating schedule changes too as well as the kinds of food that you eat.


Increasing Calories

It is a common misconception that athletes have to eat strictly healthy foods in order to accommodate their new active lifestyle, this simply isn’t the case and it may surprise you that athletes have to increase their calorie count due to the fact that they require much more energy than the normal person. Athletes have a strict training regiment so in order for your body to be able to keep up with the strain of training you will need to increase the number of calories you consume on a daily basis. As the body consumes so many calories during exercise you will find yourself getting hungry more often and that your eating schedule becomes more frequent in comparison to what you would normally eat.


If you are an athlete who is more interested in weight lifting and building muscle you will have to take things even further and increase your calorie intake significantly, in order to build muscle and keep up with the amount of energy you are using you will benefit from eating foods that are high in carbs. Dishes that use pasta and potatoes would be great for this as they are not particularly unhealthy and will provide high amounts of slow-releasing energy to keep you feeling fuller throughout your training days.


Avoiding Processed Foods

Although your diet as an athlete depends upon eating a higher amount of calories you should still be wary of what you are putting into your body, just because you can eat more calories it doesn’t mean that you have the freedom to indulge in the many processed and artificially flavored foods that are available on the market. You should be eating freshly made meals that have a good balance between healthy foods and energizing carbohydrates. As an athlete is important that you get into the mindset of ensuring that you look after your body the right way and that you are only eating freshly made foods that you have made yourself, as your training schedule gets more hectic it can be easy to indulge in quick convenience foods, it is vital that you avoid doing this regularly as your diet is important to your athletic progression.


If you struggle with preparing your healthy meals around your busy schedule then it may be time to think about organizing a meal plan. It may be a good idea to cook your meals in advance and in bulk so that you can quickly access a delicious meal that fits your dietary requirements whenever you want, rather than reaching for an unhealthy alternative having access to meals that are already prepared can save you a lot of time and energy.


How to Tailor Your Diet to your Specific Sport

It is important that you do a solid amount of research prior to the start of your athletic journey, depending on the sport you are taking part in you will have to work on finding a diet plan which works for you. For example, an MMA fighter is reported to require at least four meals daily each containing high amounts of protein and carbohydrates to provide energy and increase muscle strength. An MMA fighter has much more to worry about than just finding the right mma gloves for a heavy bag and an athlete of this nature should take extra care when it comes to their diet. This means that unhealthy processed foods are off-limits and your meals should have a balance of healthy homemade foods that contain protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates in order to help the body keep up with the rigorous training schedule.

High Fashion and Food: Why Fashion is Important When Fine Dining

High Fashion and Food: Why Fashion is Important When Fine Dining

High Fashion has a very strong influence on the world of fine dining in a variety of ways, the dining world is no longer just about food and is instead considered to be an experience rather than simply having a satisfying meal. High fashion influences many trends around the world, top brands are constantly coming out with new clothing collections in competition with each other and trends from the industry have made their way into some of the most famous High-class restaurants.



Fine dining experts consider presentation to be just as important as the toast of the food they eat, how food is presented has come a long way and there is a real scientific method behind the creation of some of the feats that we see on our plates today.


Presentation is just as important within the fashion world too, it isn’t enough for the clothes to look good but they must be styled and modeled in a way to provide an enjoyable experience, much like the presentation of fine dining.



As previously mentioned the high fashion world has a strong influence over trends in a variety of industries, including the fine-dining world. Influential companies such as Gucci and Versace have very recognizable design elements with the mirrored “G” for Gucci and Versace’s famous medusa head, these design tropes can be seen in a whole range of restaurants, both within the restaurants and their food showing how connected fashion and fine dining really is.


Another element of the fashion industry to have an influence over the world of fine dining would have to be within the promotional material. Beauty brand Goodvara is known for its unique and professional promotional material and campaign shots, beauty products at goodvara have a certain design quality that appeals to the modern fashion industry and their photography work has made many appearances in relation to restaurants and their advertising.



With fine dining being more of an experience, how a restaurant looks can have a direct effect on how enjoyable your overall eating experience is. Particularly with fine dining, a certain aesthetic luxury is expected. Gorgeous interior designs and high-class decor are common in many of our luxury restaurants and thanks to the influence fashion have had, it seems that many high-class diners have come to expect this kind of material design quality.


The fashion industry is something that is constantly going through a change in the trends of what is popular, similarly so is food and what is popular within fine dining restaurants. Both industries rely on sales from what is popular and trending so it is important to be versatile and well informed to be able to make changes to your menu and your collections at a moment’s notice.


Overall, fashion is extremely vital when it comes to fine dining, not only is dining heavily influenced by aesthetic appeal, with diners being encouraged to eat with their eyes before tasting, and restaurants are now luxuriously decorated with inspiration from some of the biggest names in high fashion. Eating out has undergone a massive change from what it used to be and there is now a real sense of luxury, rather than just being about eating a good meal. It has gone as far as some luxury fashion brands entering the world of hospitality, Versace, in particular, has been developing its own hotel chain finally combining the high fashion world with fine dining. Guests will be invited to stay in luxurious suites and sample some of the best, and very fashionable cuisine that is currently on offer.

Hunting for Food: A Complete Guide to This Lost Art

Hunting for Food: A Complete Guide to This Lost Art

Man has survived as long as it has due to our amazing ability to adapt. From the earliest days of our species, we have been able to survive in even the harshest of climates. And the biggest reason for this is our ability to find food. No matter where we go or what we are doing, we have found sources of food everywhere. But as technology and infrastructure have advanced, we have forgotten our roots of hunting for food and now rely on the huge industries and farmers. But for those who enjoy wilderness survival or enhancing their camping experience, below is a look into the art of hunting for your food.


The first step is to decide what equipment you will be using. You may think that if you are foraging by hand you won’t need equipment. This is sometimes true if you are going for a more intense survival experience. But otherwise, you will need even some basic equipment. For foraging, you will want some sturdy gloves. This is to make sure you don’t get bitten by any pesky insects while digging and collecting and also to protect your hands from more hostile fauna like poison ivy. Having a pouch or basket to hold your food in while you forage is also useful.

If you are approaching fishing you will want to invest in a fishing rod and bait. Or if you fancy going more traditional you could invest in a gaff. Fishing is a great source of food when you are out in the wild, and relatively easy to cook as well. But if your choice of hunt is something more land-based, you will need to invest in a few things. Firstly a gun or spear. This is to take down your prey. Also having a sharp, solid knife is needed to skin and prepare the food. Having gloves for this can be useful to avoid any accidental injuries.


If you are going to look into fishing, and you have the basic equipment like a rod, there is still so much more to think about. You will need to know what type of fish inhabit the area you are exploring. Do some research on great beginner tips at pursuingoutdoors to get a grip with the basics before you venture out. You will need to the habits of the fish as well, and what time of day it is best to attempt fishing. You can’t simply cast your line out at all hours and expect a hit. The early hours of the day are often the best for fishing. This does mean getting up extra early to make a go of it but it will be worth it. You will need to know what type of bait works best as well. Not all fish go for the same kind of bait. Understanding your target fish and their habits will improve your fishing game.


Foraging is one of the most forgotten arts of food hunting. People often forget the gatherer part of ‘Hunter/Gatherer.’ But it is what led our species to where we are today. And there is still so much food out there to be found. But it isn’t as simple as grabbing the first thing you see and eating it. Chances are that attitude will get you killed. There are a lot of poisonous plants and berries out in the wild that will cause you serious harm. So the first step is research. You need to look at the area you will be foraging in and find out what plant life is local to it. But to go a step further you will need to know the often-minute difference between berries and mushrooms. The signs between toxic and not are often small and take a keen eye to spot. If in doubt, leave it be.


Trapping is the art of laying small traps to capture small creatures, such as rabbits, or to capture birds. It is a nice middle ground between foraging and full-on prey hunting. The first step is creating a trap. You could come prepared with a pre-built one, but this is a great chance to flex your creative muscles. Something as simple as digging a large hole and layering it with strong leave will work for any small animals. Then it is simply a case of baiting the trap and waiting. But for this to work you need to understand what prey is living in your hunting area and their eating habits. Not all animals will enjoy the same things. But the good thing is, you will be able to find your chosen preys foodstuff within the area. For birds, you will need to create something a tad more intricate such as a cage or dropbox system.

How to Make a Cocktail That’ll Impress Your Guests

How to Make a Cocktail That’ll Impress Your Guests

Everybody loves a good cocktail. When you have friends over for a party or small get together, putting together a quick cocktail can really impress your guests. But sometimes throwing together a simple sex on the beach or mojito can get a little boring, here are a few ways to shake yo your cocktail making and really impress your guests.


A sure way to impress your friends without buying any additional ingredients would be to make the cocktail in front of them. You can really put some showmanship  into it, throw the bottles around a little, pour it at an angle. It’s really easy to impress your friends if the atmosphere is right. Music is key to this, if your gifts are lively then they’re more likely to get involved in the excitement.


Making an interesting cocktail will also really impress your friends, perhaps something they haven’t heard of. You can easily find a recipe online that will fulfill these needs. A good example would be a Hemingway Daiquiri. This is a very simple cocktail, which just uses classic rum, lime juice, sugar and grapefruit. This is not only a delicious cocktail, but it also opens up a stream of conversation as it is said to be one of Hemingway’s favourite drinks, you’ll be drinking the favourite drinks of one of the most famous people to ever live.


You can really play around with colour to impress your guests. The more colourful the better. You can do this in a number of ways. You can use a fruity mixer to add this or even just some artificial colourant that you can pick up at pretty much any shop. A good way to make a naturally colourful cocktail is to use real fruit. If you have a blender to hand you can throw a variety of berries and other fruits together to make some really vibrant colours. If you really want to make it impressive you could always use frozen fruit, this would make the cocktails have more of a slushie feel and would stand out more to your guests.  Something that could really add something interesting to your cocktail is edible glitter. Unicorn themed alcohol is really big right now so adding a bit of extra sparkle to your drinks will be a pleasant surprise for your guests.


Garnish can also make a cocktail look more impressive than it really is. You can spend a couple of minutes cutting up some fresh fruit and really decorate your drink. You could also make some non edible decorative pieces to put into your cocktail, for example little straws with your guests names on them. These little touches will really stand out to your guests and will definitely be something that everyone will talk about.


An important part of making cocktails is making sure the alcohol content is there. It can be easy to lose a lot of the alcohol when adding all of the additional mixers, but it’s important to remember the purpose of cocktails – to get drunk. Make sure your drinks still have a kick. Cocktails can also be a fun alternative to gross beers and lagers when playing drinking games. You can play never have I ever, ring of fire and all of your favourite games and still get very drunk while drinking some tasty drinks.  Drinking cocktails also makes your parties seem a little classier, so you can enjoy all of the fun you had as a teenager while also feeling slightly more adult.


You can also get your guests involved in the making of their cocktails to really impress them. Who says that you have to follow a set recipe? Set up a display of differing ingredients and alcohol and let them pick what seems appealing to them. This is a more interactive way of engaging your guests and can lead to some funny or disastrous outcomes. This would be some really good party fun because you could either create a new fantastic cocktail, or something disgusting that people will be talking about for ages.


A good variety of cocktails will also stand out to your friend, not everybody likes the same thing and for you to cater to all of your guests needs shows that you have put a lot of thought into being hospitable to your guests.

How to Make a Great Cocktail at Home

How to Make a Great Cocktail at Home

Cocktails are a luxury that we don’t always want to splash out on when we are in bars and restaurants so being able to make them at home is always a great skill to have under your belt. A great cocktail will always come down to your personal preference, to start with I would decide what kind of cocktail you prefer and research all of the components that you need to make it. Once you have found what you need, look into finding the ingredients that you enjoy drinking, there’s no need to go crazy with how much you spend a great cocktail can be made without breaking the bank. Supermarkets these days are very well stocked with quality alcoholic choices and these can come in a range of delicious pre flavored options to add a boost to your cocktail.

Once you’ve sourced all of the ingredients it’s time to choose how you want to present the cocktail whether it be in a jug so the cocktail can be enjoyed as a group or in a classy singular glass for independent enjoyment. Make sure to make a note of the recipe so that you can replicate any cocktails that you make and I would specifically make sure that you make a note of the ratios of alcohol to mixer . When making a cocktail the finishing touches can be key to adding a sense of luxury to your beverage and that can really make a difference whether you add some fruit to add some flavour and texture, go all out and add some decorative gold leaf for a classy touch or even keep it classic and cheesey with a tiny umbrella the simpler things can be the best when it comes to decorating a cocktail.